F.P. (fpelayo) wrote in mock_the_stupid,

YouTube - not the wisest place to share your crimes

Earlier this year we had the guy who stole gas from a cop car and bragged about it on Facebook. Apparently this young & dumb blonde felt like one-upping that act and has ended up all over the news:


A 19-year-old Nebraska woman arrested for bank robbery last week posted a video to YouTube bragging about her heist.

Hannah Sabata, of Stromsburg, was arrested Wednesday, the day she posted the video to YouTube. She was wearing the same clothes in the video, which matched the description of clothing worn by the bandit, the York News-Times reports.


Sabata claimed she is a "victim of the government" because state officials took away her baby and charged her with neglect.

(If you wanna go right to the source to see her stupidity in action, and throw away up to 8 min of your life, knock yourselves out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAZoo5KRMZ4)

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