Leah (ulisesgirl) wrote in mock_the_stupid,

 Disclaimer:  This is not a theological debate.  This is not an abortion debate.  Let's not get silly, alrighty?   Just read it and mock.  

Our campus is open to the public which means we get a number of whack jobs wandering around.  We get our fair share of homeless folks who are relatively harmless, more than our fair share of drunks (not so harmless) and of course, the zealots.  

One zealot has been visiting the campus for quite some time now, but I'm really never sure where I'm going to find him.  I found him twice today, much to my dismay.  Crazy Zealot Guy generally rants and raves about abortion and God and how we're all going to hell because we're killing fetuses and blah blah blah.  You get the point.  Today was no different.  

Okay, it was a tiny bit different.  

He was reading scripture and in his hand was not a Bible.  Instead, he held....

a Webster's Dictionary. 

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