Val (z3nyatta) wrote in mock_the_stupid,

Dogs and height

This mock is about  a year old but I've been meaning to post it and given the way the community tends to have bursts of stupid, I figured I'd toss mine in too!

First off, the back story.  I have a disease called Brittle Bone Disease and I'm only 3 feet tall, but I get around really well using a crutch.  I also have a service dog.  A golden retriever named Sunny.   This stupid happened at Meijer (for those of you not from Michigan, Meijer is similar to Walmart but minus the evil and corruption).  Sunny attracts a lot of attention when we go places and this particular day was no exception.  I was with my friends grocery shopping when I heard a little girl, probably 3 or 4 years old, yell out to her mother, "Mommy! A DOG!" 
After the mother acknowledged the little girl and agreed that yes, that was a dog, the girl noticed me.  The following exchange occurred:

Girl:  Why is she short? 

Mother:  Because she has a dog. 

The toddler, being smarter than her mother, obviously found this answer confusing because she asked the question again.

Girl:  Mommy!  Why is she so short??

Mother: (more forcefully) Because she has a dog!

At this point, I , who had been minding my own business up until this point, had to turn away because I was laughing.  My friends also had the same problem so we left the mother and her now permanently misinformed child to fend for themselves.  Seriously, last time I checked dogs were not a factor in determining height. 
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