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BoA Stupidity!

I was recently given to read a letter from a co-worker, sent to her from her bank. She lives in Moriarty, NM which is just over the east mountains from Albuquerque, NM where we work. She was telling me about she had attempted to use her debit card that past weekend (this was a Thursday) just east of Moriarty - still in New Mexico. Her letter from Bank of America read

Dear Ms. G****s:

We are terribly sorry for the inconvenience you were caused by your bank card being inoperative.

However, in the interest of safeguarding our customers, we do not allow the bank cards to work outside of the United States unless we've been previously informed of their travel plans. The safety of your account is our number one priority!

In order to avoid this sort of inconvenience in the future, please alert us to your travel plans when they include travelling outside of the U.S.

Again, we truly apologize for any trouble this has caused you, and hope you understand our reasoning behind declining the use of your card at that time.


Bank of America

HAHAHAHA!!! I honestly almost fell out of my chair laughing. She told me that when she called and talked to them about it they just said "oh, oops" and never even apologized or anything.

Although, I worked customer service at this company for a brief time, and spoke with one of our dealers who was in Michigan. He said "Where are you located?" I said "Albuquerque, New Mexico" he said "wow, you speak really good english. Does your company have a good training program?" Ummm.

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