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This mock_the_stupid post is brought to you by my 14 year old sister.

Me *quizing my sister*: What is half of one million?
Her: 1,000?
Me: O_o No... Half of one million is 500,000. Given that, what is 1/4 of a million?
Her: 25,000?
Me: *headdesk*

Her: *mumbles something about a cane*
Me: Oh, like Cain and Abel?
Her: Who's that?

*She has attended Christian schools for the past 11 years. She should know this!

Me: What's another word for a rooster?
Her: Turkey?

Me: *talking while distracted, accidently confused the words computer and television*
Her: Hahaha! You're such an idiot! You thought the TV was dinner!
Me: Um, riiight. And *I* am the idiot here?

And one by my best friend:
Her: *flipping through a book I was reading and yelling out random sentances/words* Kamakazi!
Me: *confused* What? Where does it say that? I don't remember anything about kamakazi in there.
Her: Yeah, but it's spelled really weird. *shows me the book*
Me: *looks over the page* I don't see it.
Her: *points* Right there, see? It says kamakazi, but it's spelled weird.
Me: Um, that says comatose, not kamakazi.
Her: Oh. What's comatose?
Me: *headdesk*
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