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All your base...

Okay, i have this freind who is great at computer assembly and genral computer stuff. Hardcore gamer also. Lets just call him "Bigin" for this post.

Anyhoo, we are on MSN one nigth chatting away and the topic got to mobile phones.

Me: So, i'm gonna get myself a new phone around new years. It's a new nokia with one of the best camera's you can get for mobiles.
Bigin: Cool!
Me: Yeah, it can record vids at DVD quality too so i will be makin more of them podcasts on Youtube
Bigin: You could just use a webcam
Me: I know, but my current one is crap. And rather than get a new one i'll get that new phone.
Bigin: Why?
Me: Because...it has great video pottential!
Bigin: Why would you want a camera in your phone?
Me: (sighs) Because it gives you the oppertunity to take photos and movies where ever you go!
Bigin: You could just use a Webcam for your Podcasts!
Me: YES! I KNOW! But what if there is a parade outside and i want to make a video of it??
Bigin: I use my dad's camcorder
Me: Yes, thats good! But some of us dont have the money to buy stuff like that! And rather than lugging a 3 pound box around with you every day, i'll just get that smartphone!
Bigin:....you could just use a WEBCAM!

The worst was yet to come 2 weeks later

Me: So yeah, i'm gonna half with the folks for a new computer round february
Bigin: Nice!
Me: Getting one of them GeForce 7's in it!
Bigin: Nah! I'm getting the 8800!
Me: Cool! But i'll wait till it comes down in price!
Bigin: But it's got the latest graphics!
Me: Yeahh! And it's £550! I'd rather get the 7950 at £299! Cheaper and just as effective!
Bigin: But it's 15fps slower!
Me: Bud, i know! But money!
Bigin: Pfft! Okay! Getting Vista?
Me: At some point!
Bigin: Eh?
Me: Well, dont wanna get it when it comes out!
Bigin: WHY?
Me: Because it's Windows! And it's new!
Bigin: ??? dont get ya!
Me: Well, lets say you get Windows Vista the second it comes out!
Bigin: Okay!
Me: And then lets say you get an error!
Bigin: Okay!
Me: Hundreds upon thousands of companies all over the world still use XP, Tech Suppot still uses XP and are not aware of any bugs at the systems launch!
Bigin: Okay!
Bigin: Nah! I'm good with windows!
Bigin: XP DUH!
Me: Vista?
Bigin: Gettin it when it comes out!
Me: *sigh*
Bigin: I tell ya, my cards are gonna scream!
Me: Huh?
Bigin: My Dual core doesn't work on XP, but it will on Vista!
Me: This is for your games?!?!?!
Bigin: Yup!
Me: Dude, i can wait for vista and still use 3 month old hardware! Not a major crisis!
Bigin: Huh?
Me: *faints*

I know! To this day, he is still obsessed with Vista!
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