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I have a number of peeves. For instance:

1. People who use words they don't know the meaning of
Whenever my siblings and I are together, we would constantly find things to fight about, driving our parents insane. One day, we were watching TV, and my brother was working on some project for school. My sister decided decided to help him out by making a TON of suggestions. My brother got so frustrated, he yelled out "Why don't you shut up and stop being a bigot!"

Sister: I'm not being racist, I'm just trying to help you!
Brother: I didn't call you racist, I called you a bigot!
Sister: A bigot IS a racist!
Brother: Oh.

2. People who use words they SHOULD know the meaning to, but somehow don't
Overheard on the bus on campus one day:
Girl 1: So yeah, Boyfriend and I will be celebrating our one-year anniversary this weekend.
Girl 2: Aaaw that's so sweet! What do you guys have planned?
Girl 1: We have reservations at some really nice resurant in Austin. And afterwards.....
Girl 2: Ooooh what?
Girl 1: And afterwards, I think we're going to constipate our love for the first time.
Me: O.O
Girl 2: Omygawd that's sooooo sweet! Aaaaw!
Me: .... >.<

3. People who use the race card to try to get out of their mistakes
My roommate and I decided to walk down to Sonic for lunch one day, since it's just a couple blocks away from our apartment, and it was a beautiful day out. We get there just as a cop pulled over some girl. The girl happened to pull into the spot right where we were sitting, so we had the perfect spot to witness this.

The girl rolled down her window as the cop approached her. Before the cop could say anything she started screaming at the cop how she wasn't speeding, that the cop had nothing against her, that her dad was a big-time lawyer in Houston, and how if he gave her a ticket she would sue to police department for being racist.

The problem with all this was 1) the cop was hispanic, 2) her vehicle registration was two months expired, 3) he had originally just pulled her over to warn her that her tail lights were out and that she needed to get them fixed asap.

Edit for clarification: The girl was indeed hispanic. I know you guys don't know this, but the town is predominantly college students and hispanic families. In all honesty, hispanics are NOT a minority in any way.

4. Ignorant People
I was at Wally World (Wal-Mart for those that aren't familiar with the nickname) and saw a friend of mine working at the Return Desk, so I stopped to chat with them for a little bit, since things were looking slow. A woman came in lugging a box containing an artifical Christmas tree. She went to one of the other workers, so my friend and I continued talking, when the lady started shrieking about how Wally World was trying to rip her off, how she had been unsatisfied with their service, and how this incident was the final straw, that they had just lost a valuable customer. This went on for a good 20 minutes, with everyone staring at her. The lady then stormed out of the store.

I didn't even have to ask. My friend told me, "That lady has returned 4 artifical Christmas trees this week, all with the same complaint. When she pulls them out of the box, obviously they're flat. We can't convince her she needs to fluff them out herself. She thinks we've been ripping her off by selling her faulty christmas trees."

5. Stupid people in general
Another day on the campus bus. I got out to the busramp, only to be told that the busroute had to be detoured to the next road over. No information was given. I walked to the next street to see a HUGE bus-jam. EVERY SINGLE CAMPUS BUS had been rerouted to this road. I found the bus that would take me home, on it was just me, the driver, and this other girl. The other girl was on her cell phone griping, so I started talking to the bus driver to try to find out what was going on. Finally his curiousity got the better of him, and he went to ask around what was up. Turns out some girl was having severe seisures on the busramp, and it was blocked by ambulances, but it was so bad that they had cleared the area completely so that she could be life-flighted.

Cell phone girl heard this, then said to whoever she was talking to, "Ugh, some retard is having seizures. Talk about an inconvenience, I could have been home already. Why couldn't she have had them somewhere else? Now I'm going to be late for my nap!

The bus driver and I could only stare in disbelief, which she was apparently oblivious to.
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