Tetsu Yonaga (tetsu_yonaga) wrote in mock_the_stupid,
Tetsu Yonaga

A few stories

The first two have to do with a wonderful friend of mine named Jessie, our Gifted level social studies class, and said social studies class'  teacher.

First was when a rather big test was around the corner, and I was absentmindedly watching Jessie fill out a review sheet, and was dumbstruck to see that she had put, as an answer to the question "Who did we fight against in the Revolutionary War?".... "Spain." Yes, she was born and raise here in America, and yes, she did feel stupid when I pointed out her mistake.

The second time we were actually in class, and it is important to note that we were in room 812, and a pass came from Guidance for Jessie. It had "To: room 812" written on it, but was quite obviously from the guidance office. Jessie and I are both aides in the main office, and, as we run MANY passes like these, we know how they work. So the teacher gives Jessie the pass, and Jessie stands up as if to leave, then pauses and says

"Where is room 812?"

Better yet was the teachers reply of "I don't know!"

This third story is completely unrelated and happened several years ago. One day, my aunt (by marriage, thank goodness) came over and asked to use our fax machine. Sure, no problem. We tell her how it works and she goes to use it. A few minutes later she comes back and says

"Thanks, but I don't think it worked, because the paper came back out."


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