weaselcreature (weaselcreature) wrote in mock_the_stupid,

More medical stupid

Multi-level medical stupidity.
I'm an MRI tech. A doctors office schedules a patient, patient comes in to have the scan done...no big deal. I check the patients screening form and see that she has a pacemaker (electronic gizmo implanted that helps your heart beat, in case anyone doesn't know). Giant MRI magnet + electronic device with wires around the heart = bad voodoo. I would think the ordering doctor would be aware of these things, but hey...I write "pacemaker" on the front of her chart and tell our stupid front office girl to call the Dr. and find out if he wants a CT scan instead and Dr. says OK. No real big deal...yet.

3 months later, I see a patient on my schedule...name rings a bell, but I can't place it. Stupid Office Girl calls me to say she's ready, I go to get her: same lady with the same pacemaker...same MRI test...ordered my the same doctor...through the same stupid front office girl...with "pacemaker" still on the chart.

They may all want her dead, but I like my patients.
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