Zhelana (zhelana) wrote in mock_the_stupid,

Medical Stupidity

OK, this one happened a while ago. I had a head injury and was in the hospital for it - thus explaining my own stupidity. But the stupidity of the doctor I haven't found an excuse for.

Doctor hands me a form to fill out including such detailed questions as Name and Date.

Me: What's the date?
Doctor: The 8th.
Me: Of what month?
Doctor: July

Then, he's doing a test to find out how aware of my surroundings I am. It includes questions such as your name, along side questions such as "who is the president?"

Doctor: Do you know your name?
Me: zhelana
Doctor: Do you know the date?
Me: .....

Dan - lives in Australia
Timmy - lives in Florida
Katy - that's me!

Geography of the retarded

Dan: something or other about Oklahoma in the form of a question
Timmy: How do you not know the states?
Katy: Dude. Can you name the states in Australia? I can't.
Timmy: Australia doesn't have states - it has countries.
Katy + Dan: Uh. What?
Timmy: Like Europe and Africa have countries not states. Australia is a continent.
Katy + Dan: Uh. What?
Timmy: Continents have countries. Countries have states. Australia is a continent.

This conversation continues for about 20 minutes, during which time it is fairly obvious that Dan is getting upset so finally I end it by going

Katy: Ok, fine. Australia has countries. Can you name them?
Timmy: uh. no.
Katy: So, you're insulting him for not knowing where Oklahoma is, but you don't even know what country he lives in?
Timmy: He lives in Australia.
Dan: Oh for f---'s sake.
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