Awesomely creepy (agirlnamedluna) wrote in mock_the_stupid,
Awesomely creepy

Why it's a good thing to have a numerus clausus on med school

Inspired by this post

My ex-bf and I got into a fight one night, and he got so angry he hit a steel garage door. That in itself was already stupid, but he was stupid anyway.

The steel was obviously harder than his hand, and he was in a lot of pain so we took him to the ER.

By this time, his hand was hanging down in a 90 degree angle from his arm, with a huge swelling on his wrist. He could not keep his hand nor arm up without support from the other one. Remember this, it's important.

After waiting two hours in the ER waiting room, we are greeted by an assistant orthopedic on duty. He asks what is the problem ( which was rather obvious, but still, he might be there because he had the flu, right?)

We explained what happened, and they go off for X-rays.

After waiting for the results, the assistant comes back with incredible news.

Assistant : Well, it looks like everything's fine with your wrist.

Ex-bf : but euhm, I can't even lift my hand by itself, it's just hanging there.

Assistant : I can't see anything on the X-rays. Are you sure you're in pain?

*collective headdesk*

My mom : shouldn't you ask your supervisor to come in?

Assistant : I'm sorry, he's not here but on call, and I won't disturb him for nothing, I can't see anything wrong on the X-rays.

After some more back and forth reasoning, he agrees to call his supervisor, an orthopedic specialist.

The specialist came in in a rush, saying he had *NEVER* witnessed such a complex fracture. His entire hand had burst, the wrist had broken in two and the wristbone had shifted onto his hand.

The worst is, the assistant didn't even try to appologize for "seeing nothing" or anything - he stood there, nodding in agreement, saying WE DID NOT BELIEVE HIM.
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