Nicosian (nicosian) wrote in mock_the_stupid,

a nice set of mocks

1. hospital mayhem, the joy of opposable thumbs.

I was helping a friend at a recording session when a baffle ( big wall on wheels) caught fringe on the carpet and managed to fall on me and crack my wrist, some little bone actually, audibly went "crunch!". It's purple and swollen and doesn't look like it's all that functional. (hold on to this detail for half a second)

Since I was only a few blocks from the hospital and not screaming in pain, thanks to adrenalin and endorphins, I took myself over and walked into the er and laid both arms on the triage counter.

They ask what's wrong. "I think i broke my wrist."

"which one?" the triage nurse asks, looking at both limbs in front of her.

"the one that's purple. And red. And kinda puffy." I said.

Then they missed the break on the X ray until I started being perfectly unreasonable in my insisting that I did infact, have an opposable thumb prior to the accident and now, well, I couldn't move it. I actually had to demand that they re check the x ray. Three times.

2. Where I work, we're closed for statutory government approved holidays, but the security monkeys such as myself, are on site to do some overtime thumb twiddling...( now that all our thumbs function once more).

What part of "this keeps happening" isn't clear?

This detail of stat holiday closures is listed in the handbooks and generally announced in the upcoming days, and well, aside from not slapping official posters around, because we thought it obvious, a meltdown ensues:

As a student throws a total meltdown in the parking lot because she can't come in to work on stuff and they did this the last holiday too!

She was so riled up I just couldn't seem to impress upon her that yes, infact stat holidays means facility access is denied. Just like the last one, so shall be the next one. neat, huh?

No! she demanded, they should have made announcements, and posters and oh, I don't know, a big fricken billboard because they keep DOING THIS!!! ( we have maybe one stat holiday every 6 weeks, it's not a massive hardship she was experiencing.)

I was trying damn hard not to shake some sense into her, or bust out laughing at her. i'm evil like that.
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