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The stupid just goes on...and on...and on...

Subject: An online forum started by a girl who's 14 and just found out she's pregnant.

Now, before we begin I think I should mention that I'm not mocking the topic of this forum. The topic is sad and...well, yeah. Sad. What I'm mocking is the total lack of intelligence/knowledge on the part of the people posting in this forum.

Here are a few gems:

"hi im 13 i have never had sex but my breast hurt and im naving pains in my stomach and yes im still having my perod im i pregnant?"

"they cnt tell the sex of the baby till ur 5month its alegal"

"im 14 too and i think im pregnant its not our faults its our boyfriends good look with your baby"

*Sighs, shakes her head* I I knew that education in this country (USA) is lacking, but I just had no idea...

Also, their English teachers are whirling in their graves fast enough to power several small cities.

The forum is here:
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