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Sick thrillseekers ride out crossing crash

As much as I would have liked to seen these clowns get run over, it would have only been appropriate if it were an radio control unit.

Liverpool, UK

Sick thrill-seekers parked a car on a railway crossing and sat inside as a packed passenger train smashed into it, police told the Liverpool, U.K., Echo.
Incredibly, no one was injured when the Northern Rail train ploughed into the Vauxhall car on a remote unmanned level crossing.

But today police are investigating whether the two men in the car deliberately staged the crash, in a stunt similar to those featured in MTV shock show Jackass, so the train would smash into them.

Detectives say it is possible the men knew the passenger train would be travelling relatively slowly when they agreed to a twisted dare.

The Northern Rail train, heading from Manchester Airport to Southport with many passengers on board, was travelling at 20mph when it crashed into the car at Wyke Cop crossing, near Southport, just before 9pm on Saturday.

The pair inside the Vauxhall fled unscathed and jumped into a waiting car which sped away.

A British Transport Police spokesman said: "It's difficult to say why they were in the car, but we are studying all lines of enquiry."

A 31-year-old man, from Rufford, was arrested by police on Sunday on suspicion of endangering the safety of passengers on the train with intent.

He has been bailed pending further enquiries until June 16.

The crash caused only minor damage to the train but the car was left in a mangled heap of twisted metal near the embankment.

The train stopped at nearby Pool Hey crossing and shocked passengers were allowed off, continuing their journey on buses.

(This item appeared in the Liverpool Echo May 8, 2006.)

May 8, 2006

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