leaffan1 (leaffan1) wrote in mock_the_stupid,

Darwin Honourable

If anyone reads the Darwin Awards, you are familiar with stories involving near-misses. My sister is a paramedic in training, and one of her co-workers related a story that would certianly qualify.

One day not too long ago, my sisters co-worker gets a call to a house a couple of towns away from where I live, to find a young man with a bloody hand, and his dick stuck in a shampoo bottle.

Aside from the question that has to be raised about using a shampoo bottle as a masturbation aid in the first place, comes the question of the bloody hand. Apparently, in a panic, this idiot decided that he would be well advised to attempt to cut his own way out of the shampoo bottle, and, while that failed, he managed to cut his hand rather badly while he was at it.
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