ishtarfish (ishtarfish) wrote in mock_the_stupid,

A few months back, we had a requirement for a billboard design. At the presentation, the client tells me she doesn't think the logo is big enough. (It was 1/6 of the entire billboard.) Here's the conversation.

CLIENT: The logo is too small, I don't think people will be able to see it.

ME: Ma'am, it's going to be a 14 X 48 foot billboard, and your logo is 1/6 of it. Believe me, it's highly visible.

CLIENT: No, I think it's too small. Really.

ME: (drawing on the paper) We can increase it to maybe this size. Any bigger and it won't work.

CLIENT: It's still too small. I can barely read our name.

ME: Ma'am, it's going to be a 14 X 48 foot billboard, believe me, it's highly readable. It just looks small on the comp.

CLIENT: I'm not so sure...

ME: Ma'am, it only looks small, because that's a print out. It's going to be a 14 X 48 foot billboard. Please. Believe. Me. It's. Going. To. Be. Very. Visible.

She looks at it again, very unsure. Then she takes a deep breath, exhales, and turns to me.

CLIENT: Well, can you just go back to your office and print it actual size?

Yes, they are still our clients. No, I never presented my work personally to them anymore.
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