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Poking idiots in the eye since 2002
...it's mocktacular!
25th-Apr-2006 12:31 am
There's this girl in the office that I'm actually quite nice to, most of the time, basically because she makes me laugh. Like today.

Apparently, their department secretary was out sick, and her boss asked her to fax some important contract to Hong kong. I went to get a drink of water and found her angry almost to tears at the fax machine, because it was a really, really, really important contract and the boss is going to be mad if it doesn't get done, but the fax machine is broken!"

Having just used the fax machine twice today, I knew it wasn't broken, so I figured she just might have been doing something wrong. So I decided to stand by and watch her follow the prescribed steps as taped right above the fax machine. I even checked to see if she might have been faxing the document wrong side down, which is quite understandable.

She was following the steps perfectly. The fax transmitted, we even have proof, that little piece of paper that records the transmittal. I thought it was fine, and was about to go back to my office when she stamps her foot angrily.

"See? See? I've done that six times already and the document keeps coming back!"

Sigh. She is quite pretty, but I'm not sure if that makes up for it.
25th-Apr-2006 02:29 pm (UTC)
Reminds me of a Dilbert comic where the boss is mad at him for sending a personal fax, and Dilbert keeps explaining why the boss's criticisms are unfounded. But the boss never wants to admit a mistake, so he keeps coming up with other explanations for why Dilbert shouldn't have sent a fax. One part went something like this:

Boss: Well, you're wasting company paper.
Dilbert: No, I sent a fax. The paper doesn't travel through the phone lines.
Boss (thought balloon): Really?

Once again, life imitates art. It's always disheartening to see real-life instances of what are supposed to be humourous exaggerations of stupidity.
25th-Apr-2006 05:16 pm (UTC)
I've seen that one! My dad has a copy of The Dilbert Principle. I think that's what convinced me to starve before I take an office job ;)
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