om_mani_padme_ (om_mani_padme_) wrote in mock_the_stupid,

oooh, just remembered one!

My future mother-in-law is generally compassionate, intelligent, articulate and generous, but for some reason when it comes to technology her brain malfunctions.

My future husband actually received the following phone call:

Mom: "Dom? Are you there? I'm in the parking lot at work. I need you to help me."
Dom: "What's wrong?"
Mom: "I left my automatic door unlocker in the office. I'm locked in the car."
Dom: "What do you mean, you're locked IN the car?"
Mom: "I already locked the doors, and I left the automatic door unlocker in the office. I can't get out of the car. I didn't want to have to call AAA. Can you come let me out?"
Dom: "Um. There's a... I mean is something wrong with the unlocking mechanism on the drivers' side door?"
Mom: "The unlocking mechanism..."
Dom: "On the drivers' side door."
Mom: "But I can't find my keys to start the car."
Dom: "You don't have to..."
Mom. "Oh." (Pause) "Never mind."

I swear to god I'm not making this up.
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