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Tales of Stupid

Last semester there was this one girl in all of my classes, who wasn't the fluffiest squirrel in the tree. I once saw her crawling on the floor for no reason.
I'll call her 'Stupid'.

I passed Stupid in the hall today, and I realized that I have some things to post to this community, all starring her.

[Stupid and I are in Math, and I am helping her with her work.]
Me: ...and then you just cross-multiply to get the answer. Do you get it?
Stupid: I think so. Hey, when's your birthday?
Me: March 2nd, why?
Stupid: Wow!
Me: ...
Stupid: There are so many people I know having a birthday this year!
Me: o_O

(After brief lesson on Napoleon Bonaparte)
Teacher: So does anybody have any questions about the man we just talked about?
Stupid: *raises hand*
Teacher: Yes, Stupid?
Stupid: So, why was he named after icecream?
Teacher: Um... He wasn't.
Stupid: Oh... So was the icecream named after him?
Teacher: ...

And finally, I give you my favourite memory of my Anthropology/Psychology/Sociology class. It involves Stupid, and another girl, Moron.

Teacher: So today, we'll be discussing Sigmund Freud.
Stupid: Oh, is he the lion tamer?
Moron: He tames tigers, Stupid!
Teacher: ...Wow.

I miss Stupid...
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