October 23rd, 2008


name mock

I have a first name that despite not being that uncommon, is often mispronounced. I correct people, and then go about my business. But sometimes, the correcting does not go as planned, as happened a few months ago when my bank called.

Phone: *rings*
Me: Hello?
Bank woman: Hello, I'm looking for $mispronounced_name.
Me: Yes, this is $correct_name.
Bank woman: I'm sorry; I have the wrong number. *hangs up*
Me: *blinkblink*

I waited for her to call back, but...well, I have no idea what happened.

I hope he never becomes an uncle.

This made me giggle.
A 16 year old girl/land-whale at a bus station was running around her older brother playing with a ventolin puffer spraying it on his arm and trying to give him a frosty.

him: Hey don't waste that.
her: I can't waste it *spray* it's only air.
him: No, it's a drug.
her: *shows him the label* see it's air!
him: No it's a drug called ventolin it opens the up the lungs when you find it difficult to breathe.
her: No it injects air straight into the lungs and breathes for you.
him: ...Then why do you have to breathe it in?
her: So you get more air!
him: ...Stay in school.