July 30th, 2008

some self mocks

1. In keeping with people who have googled their misplaced books or complained restaurants didn't load properly, I just stashed some extra allergy medicine at work and thought, "I'm sure glad I backed that up!"

2. I recently went to see a French movie. All the characters were French and nothing but French was spoken. In the first scene, the parents get into a big fight in front of their kids. I thought, "well, at least they're arguing in French so their kids can't understand them!"

3. Yesterday I was waiting for a friend outside a museum. A guy walked past, staring at me with his eyes wide open. He kept looking right at me, unflinching, not paying attention to where he was going. I thought, "it's nice that he finds me attractive, but he should pay attention to where he's walking. I mean, he's already using that long white cane, so he should be careful!"

Hamlet = Pygmies?

I just read the post about Hamlet, and thought I would add a mock of my own that was very similar.

My senior year of high school, I was in an advanced placement history class for college credit (this is relevant). There were only about 8-10 of us in there because it was advanced.

One day, we're in class discussing current events, and my teacher produces an article about rebels in the Congo that were forcing local Pygmy tribes to bring back food for them; if enough food wasn't brought back, the rebels would eat the Pygmies (IIRC there was a food shortage).

This is basically the conversation that followed (it's been a few years, so I don't know it word by word anymore):

Her: What's the big deal??

Teacher: What do you mean?... they're eating Pygmies! *baffled*

Her: Who cares if they eat baby pigs. I mean, they're pigs. You're supposed to eat them.

-Now you know in TV/movies when something happens in class and everyone in the room turns around and stares with their jaws on the floor? That's what happened next.

This was the same girl that a week or so later had this conversation with another girl in class (the bad grammar is deliberate).

Her: Oh my god, I saw a Amish in Wal-Mart yesterday! It was SO cool!

Other her: What's a Amish? *blank stare*

Her: You know... those people with the dot's on their foreheads.

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i was talking to some tourists who had come to australia about how they were enjoying their time here.  
They said "We are surprised at how many Australians we have met"
I don't know what they were expecting to meet in Australia

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The recent misspelled name post reminded me of this gem.

Lets go back 20 some-odd years to kindergarden. We were learning how to write our names. My name is spelled Jaime, as opposed to Jamie. Not only did the teacher tell my I was spelling my name wrong, she called my parents and threatened to fail me because I refused to spell my name Jamie. When my parents told her my name is in fact spelled Jaime, she refused to listen. She even took the time to yell at my parents and tell them they were wrong for teaching me to read and write before kindergarden(both activities that I loved to do when I was that young). The teacher then told the principal that my parents were undermining her teachings and filed a complaint with the superintendent of the district. This resulted in a meeting between the super, my parents, and the teacher. All was resolved when my parents showed my birth certificate that in fact had my name spelled Jaime.

It boggles my mind that the teacher had to go that far just to be told by her bosses' boss I had in fact been spelling my own name right. Then to tell my parents it was wrong to teach me basic reading and writing? I mean come on. Seriously.

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I couldn't find my wallet today. So I picked up my phone intending to call my wallet and follow the ringing sound. This is the second or third time this has happened.

Oh technology, how you continue to fry our brains.