December 15th, 2006


Plastic Rubber Ducky Shower Curtain!

My boyfriend's roommate decided to get adventurous and clean the bathroom yesterday. He scrubbed the floors, washed the mirrors, and even cleaned the toilet!

The shower curtain was particularly disgusting, so he put it through a cold washing machine load with a little bit of bleach in it. It worked perfectly, and all the grime was gone! Then he then emptied the washing machine, put the entire load in the dryer, and started it up.

He's luckily not a TOTAL moron, because he hadn't even made it back to their apartment before he said to himself "I just put plastic in the dryer!" and ran back to save the curtain. Unfortunately, it had already started to stick together and required being pried apart. It's now hanging in the shower, but it's now very wrinkly and some of the ducks' faces look kind of misshapen. :S