December 11th, 2006

Controversial Topics + People = Stupid

The stupid begins:

We watched An Inconvenient Truth in one of my classes. For those who don't know, it's a documentary about the dangers of global warming and is presented by Al Gore. Our teacher called on each of us one by one asked asked how we felt about it.

Teacher: Jem, what did you think?
Jem: I thought it was really dumb and probably mostly fake.
Teacher: Really? Why's that?
Jem: 'Cause Al Gore's just trying to get re-elected for president. He's just trying to get attention and stuff.
Teacher: Well, Jem, he started campaigning for this years before he ever ran for president.
Jem: Then fine but they could have used someone better than Gore's ugly ass. He's annoying.
Teacher: *calls on Some other Girl* Do you have a differing opinion?
SomeotherGirl: No, I agree with Jem. I don't give a shit if the Earth warms up. I hate cold weather.
Me: *butts it* You would submerge huge chunks of our land in water to avoid wearing a jacket?
Girl: See, that's why I think this stuff is a big lie. If the Earth is going to be so hot then how come things will flood? Why won't the hotness dry up the water?
Me: Uh, evaporation doesn't make water just disapear.
Girl: Uh, HELLO? When water evaporates there's none of it left. No precipitation or nothing.
Me: But-
Girl: Don't argue with me, I know my science.

She clearly knows her science.

The stupidity strikes back:

Guy from my school: Hitler had the right idea, he just did it wrong.
Some girl: Yeah. *nods in agreement*

I really had no words for this at the time. I was so shocked that I couldn't make myself say anything. Fast forward a few weeks, the same guy is trying to strike up a conversation with me. He started talking about a documentary on Hitler and Stalin that was shown in a class we both take.

Him: That video was fucking awesome.
Me: You found that interesting?
Him: Yeah! (grins) Sieg Heil! (complete with the salute)
Me: Dan, you know my family is part Jewish, right?
Him: ...Uh..Um...
Me: Yeah.
Him: ...But- but you don't look Jewish!

Now, I should have said, "Yeah, and you don't look like an moron..." but unfortunately, I didn't think of that at the time. Lately, where I live, there seems to be some kind of stupid, rebellious admiration of Nazis with the younger people. Why I don't know but it's pretty damn stupid if you ask me.
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Stupid Spanish moments

Many of the people in my Spanish class have their dumb moments, but this topped...everything. Ever.

We've been talking about immigration and crossing the border illegally for the past few weeks. Last week we were discussing immigrants and jobs. I don't remember the exact context, but I know we were going over the lack of jobs in Mexico.

That's when NotSoBrightGirl raises her hand.

"I have a question. I thought there were chain resturants and stores like, all over the world. You know, like, McDonalds and stuff. Why don't they just get jobs there?"

That pretty much made me want to hit my head against a block of ice.

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heil stupid?

I was taking the bus to school last year, and I overheard some 7th graders' conversation:
Boy: Man, you look like Hitler!
Girl: ....who's Hitler?
Boy: You don't know who Hitler is?!
Girl: Man, shut up, I don't even watch TV!

It's a shame she missed Hitler's cameo on Friends.
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Yay Hypersensitivity!

This took place several weeks ago. I was at the train station, and after missing the thing, I had to wait for about another 45 minutes for the next train to come, and decided to pass the time by pulling out my sketch book. For reference - This, a freaking pencil sketch of a beauty shot, is the drawing in question. So, minding my business, minding my business, this person comes and sits next to me. For the record, we're both pale.

Her: "You know, that's racist."

Me: "What?"

Her: "What you're drawing. White people shouldn't draw black people."

Me: "..."

Her: "It's disrespectful!"

Me: "...Right."
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So this happened last year right before Christmas and I was reminded of it because I was once again invited to this by the same friend.
One of my two best friends is fairly...well off. Anyway, her family belongs to a country club and every year I guess they have this "Christmas Dinner". It's not actually on Christmas, but you get the point. Last year she invited me to go with her so that she'd have some company. Dinner at a country club isn't exactly my idea of a good time, but I like her family and figured I'd go and keep her company. So we ate dinner and her parents were sitting around socializing after dessert. We were pretty bored so my friend suggested that we go downstairs because they have a bowling alley. I'm not a bowler but at this point anything seemed more fun than sitting around waiting to leave. We went downstairs to the bowling alley and the lights were on, but apparently the machines were off. We were going to give up and go back upstairs but a man (I assume he worked there) offered to turn the machines on for us. He went into the backroom and did so. Ok so this is pretty normal so far, we bowled a bit, my short attention span kicked in and I ended up watching. Fast forward to a little while later, several kids had ended up downstairs to bowl and I'm half-asleep on one of the chairs. All of a sudden I here a weak "Help!" that sounds like my friend. I perk up and looked over to see my friend crawling out of one of the machines. SHE HAD GOTTEN STUCK IN THE BOWLING MACHINE. I don't know how many people can say their best friend was stuck in a bowling machine, and of the few that can I'm not sure that they would want to admit it, but I'm rather proud of this. Apparently two little girls had been bowling in that lane and they didn't roll the ball hard enough or whatever so it didn't quite make it through the pins and the machine was at a standstill. My friend saw this and decided to help. Rather than send another ball down the aisle to knock the other ball down and get the machine going again she decided to walk down the aisle and get the ball out herself. This still could have been ok if she had thought she couldn't hit the ball from the line and had brought another ball with her to knock it out. But no. She instead walked down the aisle and CRAWLED UNDER THE MACHINE. Ok maybe things still would have been ok if she had pulled the ball out with her, granted it still would have been a stupid thing to do, but it would have been less dangerous. But again no. Instead my friend decided to crawl under and then push the ball INTO the machine. Well she got the machine to work again. With her still in it. The thing to pick up the remaining pins came down on her and the other thing that clears the knocked down pins came toward her. Luckily this didn't end in any sort of serious injury for her, which made it one of the funniest nights of my life.

Bonus story: I have another friend (omg I know, two whole friends! :b) and this incident occurred January of last year. Her birthday was coming up so a few friends planned a surprise party for her, apparently with her parents since it was at her house. The party was in fact on her actual birthday because it fell on a weekend. Everyone hid, the lights were off, she walked in, everyone jumped out and yelled "SURPRISE!!!".
Friend: Who's birthday is it?

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Been reading here for awhile, decided to post something. :)

I work with scenic roads and such. People want to travel them and then they send us their stories. Some of them are priceless... XD But our main boss in D.C. proved that we don't always get the stupid ones. She sent us an email with some funny traveler stories.. here is one that stick out in my mind as the 'wtf' and "wow, you're stupid."

There was a guy who called up his traveling agency, upset that his hotel in Orlando  didn't have a view of the ocean. She was baffled and told him that since Orlando is in the middle of the state, he can't see the ocean. He huffed at her and said "Don't lie to me! I've seen the map of Florida and it's a very thin state."

Edit: I checked Scopes before I posted this, but I guess I wasn't looking in the right place for this story. Sorry about that. :(

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My friend did something ridiculously clean-freakishly anal, as per usual (checking her racquets intensely for specks of dirt/dust no one else could see), and so I casually said, "You're so OCD." She didn't say anything, and I thought nothing of it.

About two hours later (with her, things usually take this long to sink in), we had the following conversation.
"So, tell me about CEO," she said.
"You know, CEO. What I have. Is it contagious?"
"Should I, like, go to the hospital? Do you have it? Can I make you sick?"
"No _______, it's OCD, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and it's a mental thing."
"I have a mental disorder? Are you saying I'm retarded? YOU'RE SO MEAN!!!!"
"No I..."
"Tomorrow I'll go to the walk-in and see if I really have CEO or not. I hope you get it too."

She then stalked off angrily, and I later heard her asking our friend if he thought she was retarded or not. Fortunately, there were enough of us to witness this that we have the opportunity to re-enact the moment excessively when she's not around. It's one of my favourite activities.