December 5th, 2006

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More Amazon Review Idiocy

Regarding an atomic clock with remote temperature sensor:

"This clock is supposed to show both the outdoor and indoor temperature, but I learned after getting it that the outdoor temperature will appear accurately only if you put a sensor (which comes with the clock) outdoors. The need to put the sensor outdoors is impractical for anyone wanting to use the clock in an office setting, as I did. Furthermore, the clock is giving incorrect moon information. We are now in a full moon, but it is telling me it's a new moon, which makes me not trust the other information the clock is providing. I'll be sending it back."

Gee, you have to put an outdoor sensor outdoors for the clock to read the outdoor temperature? Surely you jest! Why, I thought that a $30 clock should be expected to be PSYCHIC.

The bit about the moon phases is equally stupid. The clock is a black LCD display... it either displays info in black or doesn't display anything. For a full moon, it displays a filled in circle. Yes, in black. Sure, it seems counterintuitive but once you realize how it is displaying, it's pretty simple. (Personally, I think it would have made more sense to show the "blank" areas as the visibly white areas of the moon, and the black show the shadow, but that isn't how they chose to do it.)
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I got back from a trip to the grocery store a little while ago where the following conversation transpired between the two dudes putting stuff in bags at my check stand and the one next to me.

Guy 1: Dude, what day is New Years?
Guy 2: Um....January...ssssomething?
Guy 1 (looking at guy 2 like he just said he pisses Dr. Pepper): It's January first, what day of the week is it?
Guy 2: Oh is it really? I don't know.

A+, guys.
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Craft Fairs Bring Out The Stupid

Don't know if it's because of the crowds, the incessant holiday music, the fumes from glue guns gone mad, or a combination of all three, but craft fairs have a higher than average ratio of dumb. And I'm not talking about the crafters.

My husband and I work holiday craft fairs - he's a baker, making personal sized cobblers, and I will occasionally put a candle display out.

Stupid the first:

Thanksgiving weekend we worked a fair. I was at the booth, and we had all the cobblers out, sorted by kind (peach, blackberry, blueberry, mixed berry, apple, etc.). Woman comes up, looking at them, picks up one each of the blackberry and the blueberry, and asks me, "What's the difference between a blackberry cobbler and a blueberry one?" "Ummm, one is made with blackberries and the other is made with blueberries?" At that point I think she realized what she'd said, because she asked me what was in the mixed berry cobbler, and then bought one of those and left quickly. (Mixed has blackberries, blueberries, and raspberries, btw.)

Stupid the second:

So this past Saturday, we were at a very small craft fair - in the school cafetorium of our town (pop 300). Tiny. Now I can understand the 5-year-old who has just learned fire safety wanting to blow out my candles. Once. Not four times. After the fourth time, I informed his mother that if he blew them out again, she was going to owe me a box of tealights, since blowing makes the wicks move, so you don't get an even burn. But that's not the mock.

The candles I sell are very high quality - tealights and votives liquify completely. So after they've been burning a while, you've got a little container filled with hot, pourable wax. I'd been there over an hour already, so everything was most definitely melty. I had lots of pieces on the table, but I also had catalogs out, so that if someone wanted to know how much a piece cost, they could either ask me, or just look in the catalog.

Well this woman didn't apparently like either option. She picked up a piece and turned it over to see the price. And managed to spill wax all over my table, my fabric (to cover the table and highlight pieces), the catalogs I had out, other pieces. Everywhere but on her. I mad she'd done it, and extra mad she hadn't managed to burn herself with the hot wax. And all she said was, "Oh, sorry." Who picks up a lit candle to turn it upside down? That's a special kind of stupid I think. And now, I'm still mad because I have to wash everything before my next show. Grrrrr.
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