November 26th, 2006

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Overheard at work today:

(Backstory: We have those quarter machines where you put in a quarter and candy comes out. A young woman had just put a quarter into the one with Skittles.)

Girl 1: *holding out hand* I only got five!
Girl 2: OMG! That's like...a penny per Skittle!
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OK, so hands up who knows where the US of A is... Good, now hands up who knows where Canada is... That's right, NORTH of the US of A!

So would you believe it if I told you that a Sheriff, in the US, did NOT know that Canada was a real place? I'm not going to get into what state this happened in cause that's not the point.

Four of my buddies took a trip from Winnipeg, Canada down to one of the southern US states for an album release. Now Canadians know pretty much at any time of the day what the current exchange rate between their Dollar and the US Dollar is. Its a gift apparently. As they were taking turns to pay for lunch, it came to Chris' turn to pay. Now he only had Canadian money on him at that time, so he checked with the waitress if it was OK to pay in that. She just said yes, I guess, without thinking or registering what he'd asked. So he worked out the rate, the tip - everything, and he took it up to the till. Whilst they were downing the rest of their coffee, Chris got a tap on the shoulder. There stood a state trooper.

The waitress had called the cops, with some story about four guys tryin to pay with funny-money from some nonsensical far-away imaginary land. He promptly whipped down and ARRESTED Chris. The other three thought this was some elaborate joke, until the officer barked "You chuckle-heads keep laugin' an' I'll take you in too!"

He was serious.

So the trooper took Chris to the station, and locked him up overnight for tryin to pay with fake currency. He and the Sheriff had never heard of this "C'N-Ahdahhh" place.

The other three had to go to the local library(where the librarian was just as astounded) and borrow a globe just to prove that there was life outside the state lines.
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