November 23rd, 2006


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I just started college, and have been amusing myself by collecting headdesk-worthy quotes from my professors. :D

(No cracks about "so this is what college education in the U.S. has come to," please, since I'm not IN the United States. ^_~ However, English is nearly universal among the educated class here, so these people can't hide behind the excuse of ESL.)

From a Powerpoint slide explaining Darwinism: "better adopted form produce more offspring's"

"Homer lived around ten thousand years before the birth of Christ, which of course was twenty thousand years ago. So Homer lived thirty thousand years ago."

"What the archaeologist Schliemann found was that Troy had been completely burned at the end of the war. Tabula rasa...literally a table, since the city had been flattened." [<--Literature professor, BTW]

"Right now you can't see why you have to take these courses, but later in life, looking back, you'll appreciate it. At the moment, you are just looking at the mountains, and not the forest."
(I'm guessing he meant "can't see the forest for the trees"...)