November 17th, 2006


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I work at a fast food -type place in my dorm where you prepare the food (i.e. mozz sticks, chicken tenders, burgers, grilled cheese, etc.) out for the people to take and pay for at a register. We also have slips that the students can fill out if they want to order a special burger, sandwich or pizza and they also have to take a number. We do this because 1. most of the staff is new (including myself), and 2. it's easier to distinguish between orders so that we know exactly who wants what on their food. Every customer knows this and does it without complaining... well, almost everyone.

One guy came in two nights ago to the grill register and asked to place an order. I told him that to do that, he needs to get a number and to fill out a slip so that the persn on grill knows exactly what he wants. So he goes back.

Ten minutes later the guy comes back to the register:

Guy: Yea, aren't you supposed to call out my number when my food's done?
Me: Yes...
Guy: Well, why haven't you called my number yet?
Me: Did you order anything yet?
Guy: ...
Me: ...
Guy: ... Well, I'll have a...
Me: Um, it would be easier if you filled out a slip and put the number on it.
Guy: Where are the slips.
Me: On the table next to where you got the number
Guy: Oh so that's what they're for?!
Me: ...

He later tried to leave without paying and I told him I couldn't give him his food unless he paid, so he made his girlfriend pay.