November 15th, 2006

Max Headroom

Rook to Q-17!

I'm apart of the chess club at my school, and right now we're having our Fall Tournament. I was matched up against my dear friend, who we shall call Coat Hanger*. She is a wonderful friend, but sometimes words come out of her mouth that don't exactly flatter her intelligence.

As you may or may not know, the Knights (horses) can move two spaces vertically and one space horizontally (or two horizontal and one vertical.) It's often called an "L" shape. I move one of my knights, but instead of the usual "L" shape, I move it in a "Z" shape--no difference as it ends up in the same place. (I just didn't feel like picking it up or pushing other pieces out of the way. I really am that lazy.)

Well, when I make that "Z" move, Coat Hanger (the friend, remember) speaks up.
"Wait, wait, you can't move it right there!" I look at her, confused, as does our other friend who's watching the match.

"What do you mean?" I ask.

"You can't move Knights in a 'Z' shape! They're supposed to move in an 'L' shape!"

I love her to death, but sometimes she astounds me.

* Nicknames changed to protect the somewhat innocent.
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I do nothing but cry

it's colder and therefore seals the cracks in the bottle

It's been about two months since I started at uni and it's sad but I think I've managed to witness people do the most unbelievable things here more than anywhere else I've been. Of course, a lot of it is people getting very pissed and doing stupid things (especially freshers, for some reason we've all spent most of our time here so far completely wrecked).

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Behold the Stupid!

Ok so this is my first post here, a friend of mine showed me this community, and I found it very interesting.

Well, here is my encounter with Stupid.

To give ya an idea, I work for Tech Support for an online music company. I deal with all sorts of people who have no real business with a PC, much less online music. However this one BLEW MY FEEBLE MIND!

Me: Thank you for calling *name*, my name is Clay, how can I help you.
Caller: I got a problem!
Me: *mentally cringing at this* Ok, what sort of problem.
Caller: I dunno!
Me: *blinks for a few minutes* Excuse me?
Caller: I dunno!
Me: have a problem but you don't know what sort of problem.
Caller: ...yea.
Me: Ok.....?

After about 10 minutes of this I finally figured out it was something with his MP3 player, but I STILL have no idea what. Cause every time I asked him something all he said was "I dunno."
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Stupid people + chemicals = fun!

Today I developed a roll of film (I'm in a photography class).

Now, the process is: water > developer > stop bath > fixer > fixer remover > water > wetting agent. This is on numerous charts on the wall above the sink area. This was demonstrated for us twice in class. All the containers are labeled in huge letters. The developer and stop bath we mix from a concentrated form, but there are huge tanks of already-mixed fixer and fixer remover actually AT the sink.

There was another girl from my class in there doing her film as well. She tells me that until yesterday she didn't realize that the big (BIG) tank with four-inch-high letters that said "FIXER REMOVER" was the fixer remover. She pointed to the huge tank with "FIXER" on it and said "I've been using that!" Turns out she'd been mixing fixer from concentrate, and then using the already mixed fixer as the fixer remover. Um. Ok. Class has been going since August, andwe have to develop film at least once a week.

So she finishes the process (using actual fixer remover this time!) and takes out her film and it's all pink and foggy, though you can still see the pictures. I don't know what she did wrong, but obviously she did SOMETHING wrong. *sigh* This is the same girl that once went to mix her developer... it's a 1:9 ratio with water... she used the measuring cup to measure out the one part developer, poured it into the cup, and then went back to get the other 9 parts...of developer... we all had to say "no! water!" *sigh*

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So I work in the Student Union at my university. I move tables and set up rooms for meetings and all that good stuff. Today we were unloading old, heavy, fake Christmas trees from a closet to put up around the building. I was carrying one of the trees around with my coworker, Skyla, when this conversation happened.

Me: Hey, this is the last tree! Sweet!
Skyla: Yeah, I hope we don't have any menorahs laying around, or we'll have to put those up, too. *rolls eyes*
Me: I dunno, they might have some. That would be cool.
Skyla: Right, because we have to cater to the Jews, too. *more eye rolling* I guess they'll also want to put up those things... the what are they called? Pentastars?
Me: What? The star of David?
Skyla: No, the Jewish thing, you know. It's called the pentastar.
Me: Are you thinking of pentagram?
Skyla: Yeah, that's what it's called. That thing all the Jews wear for their devil stuff.
Me: *rants for a good 5 minutes setting her straight*
Skyla: Whatever.
Mr. Oatmeal


I clean a friend's B&B for a little extra cash. It's dirty work getting things clean so I tend to wear my rattier clothes. She'd asked me to check that a guest bathroom was presentable so I was in there making sure the faucets were polished and there weren't any stray hairs in the sink, that sort of thing, when I notice a few spots on the mirror. I whip out the vinegar and towel and attempt to scrub them away.

It takes a few tries before I realize I'm looking at the paint spots on my shirt reflected in the mirror.

The real mock here? I did it AGAIN in another bathroom.