November 13th, 2006 camera at the time

Driving home and stopped at a red light...say 15yards from the corner. There's a guy standing there holding a sign , but I can't see it as his side is to me until he twists a bit to get his cell phone out of his pocket and I see the back of the sign advertising a sale at Tower Records, then he twists back to face traffic again. Light turns green, I drive past him and chuckle as I see the front of his sign, the side facing traffic, is as blank as his thought process.

Overheard in English

Now, I didn't hear everything that was said in this conversation, but I thought this was pretty clear:

A classmate of mine was gossiping about another girl in one of her classes and claimed, "She thought Jesus was American."
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Worthy self-mock!

I haven't even had time to look the guy up, this happened so recently - my fiance is reading which I've been reading, and I make him tell me which he's just read whenever he giggles. So he quotes one and then asks:

Fiance: Who's Robert Smith?
Me: Just a second... [brings up a fresh browser, clicks in search bar] Can you spell that for me?
Fiance: ...

[ETA: yes, we figured out who he is and why the comic was funny.]

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My figure drawing class is very small and laid back. The other day we were talking about the harry potter phenomenon. After everyone was done talking at once about how much they liked it or hated it, this one girl who i love to death asked, "is harry potter real?" She has a reputation for being ditzy but everyone just stared at her and waited for her to assure us that she was joking. nope. when we realized she was serious we all started laughing and she did too but it was in that 'i don't know what's going on but i'm going to laugh anyway' kind of way. then some other girl jumped in and said in a mocking way, "yeah, it's based on a true story". We all giggled some more and the girl just said, "yeah! that's what i meant! like, hogwarts is a real school, huh?"

god bless her soul.
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a few snips.

ME: Just cut the stray hairs
Stylist: I don't understand
Me: See the loose hair sticking up on top of my head.
Stylist: Yes
Stylist: How do I do that?
Me: Never Fucking Mind. Can I see your damn manager?

So when does the movie come out?

Saw this over at IMDB, screencapped for your convenience.
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Bonus mock:
My mom told me she just tried to mail Christmas packages to my aunt in Hawaii. It took the FedEx lady 35 minutes to mail them (there were other packages going to other places, too, but the majority of the time was with the Hawaii one). She said the woman in the store didn't believe Hawaii was part of the US. Despite having a map of the US in front of her. Presumably with appropriate shipping information. I asked my mom what the lady's response was. She told me the woman looked at her and said "I don't think we can ship things there..."

What an effective and knowledgeable employee.
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I think we've discovered a new low

Oh. My. God.
Sometimes the capacity for ignorance of the average citizen boggles the mind. Lately I’ve had the Stephen Hawking of the Darwin contestants for a patient. As we start tonight’s episode we find our hero at home with a female of the opposite sex persuasion. One must admire his earnestness and desire to win said fair maid’s esteem by “showing her a good time”. Lacking magic blue pills and spanish fly, he deftly improvises; in order to deny his own peak and maximize his opportunity to cultivate her passion flower he applies a quantity of mild local anesthetic to the head of his manhood. I can only be awed by the steely determination that drove him to continue to apply campophenique to this most sensitive of areas and keep his applicator in place because he just knew it would stop stinging when the numbing effect started. Instead the sting intensified to a molten burning & he commenced to howling & whooping & jitterbugging like an epileptic actor doing a bad sterotype Indian war dance, causing his date to make a frantic & largely incoherent call to 911. I haven’t had this much fun at a call since Vic Marchese & I picked up the newlywed couple!
I can only hope that somehow this adventure sterilized the silly smeghead & prevents him from contaminating the genepool.
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