November 6th, 2006

Science Blunders

First of all, I'd like to begin by saying that our school is a pretty damn good school, and I'm in year 11 in which we do our GCSE exams. You'd never guess with the stuff that is said in our science classes.


In Biology recently we've been studying female fertility in depth. The discussion moved onto the menstrual cycle and our teacher asked one guy in our class: "How long does this cycle usually take to complete?" His answer? "Er... about an hour."
Then the fertility topic was mentioned and our teacher asked a different guy a different question: "During which day of the menstrual cycle is a woman most fertile?" The answer is obviously the 14th day, but even if he understandably didn't know that, he had no excuse for giving the answer, "monday".

My friend, who's usually very intelligent, asked our teacher today whether or not Oxygen was a metal. My brain is bleeding.