October 17th, 2006


Even honors kids are stupid.

Ok. So, I'm sitting in my Honors Trig/Pre-Calculus class minding my own business, wishing the teacher was dead, and I hear some rather stupid things said. I am surrounded by Juniors, which makes me realize what a dumb Senior I am, but that's besides the point.

Anyway. We get this worksheet thing and we're supposed to start working on it. (The teacher probably typed up the worksheet that morning and put two #7's and two #20's or something. *insert sarcastic voice of your choice here* Genius. I'm glad he's teaching my honors math. And that lost teachers edition book gives him another 5 IQ points. Go Mr. Stupid Math Teacher Man!)

So. Anyway. These girls in my class were looking at the worksheet for a minute and these intelligent things were said.

Stupid Girl 1: What's "squirt?"

It said "sqrt" which means "square root," but it's kinda obvious if you look at the problem and know what we've been doing the last, ya know, 2 weeks. And last year in Algebra 2 Honors we covered C++ which included things like "sqrt" and some other basic commands to use that program.

Stupid Girl 2: What's "P-I?"

It said "pi," as in 3.14........ which you learn when you learn what pi is. She must have been confused 'cause it wasn't the weird little squiggly thing with legs she's used to.

I'm scared that they're in HONORS math. How they got into honors is beyond me. And why do I need to share oxygen with these people? It's bad enough the teacher has a screw loose.
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happy and content

First entry

Well just joined the community, so many stories to tell XD. I'll start out with one of my favorites.

MG: measure genius
me: sandwhich artist XP

me: Hello and Welcome! **smiles** Would you like a 6in or a foot long?
MG: I'd like a 12in please white please.
me: Alright! Footlong white it is**smile and turns away and pulls out bread and turns back and starts cutting it open**
MG: What are you doing? I said a 12in!! A footlong is too big!!
me: o.o....o.0...uhm, this is a 12in Ma'm..
MG: No! You called it a footlong!!!
me: uhm ma'm, I assure you, this footlong will be just as sufficient as your 12in as it is the same size.
MG: GET ME A 12in NOW!
me:...**turns around and puts the bread back and pulls out another....**
MG: See, now was that so hard? I swear kids like you should stay in school.
me: ...hold it back, spacey_raccoon, bite your lip..**strained smile..** Have a nice day Ma'm..enjoy your footlong..

Didn't even notice what I had said as she walked off.

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