October 15th, 2006

lost wolfwood

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I love it when you offer people two simple and clear choices...

I work at a hotel, plain, simple.

Guy calls down: "Yeah do you guys have any aspirin?"
"Sure thing, let me just check to see what we have.."
"Okay sir, thank you for your patience, all we have left is either Excedrin: Sinus Headache or Advil: Cold and Sinus."
"Yeah uh, I'll take the Tylenol please."
"Okay, so you'll have.. the Advil then?"
"Sure, thanks."

Relating this to my coworker reminded her of her two choice story, which is even shorter.

She was taking a reservation.. "Okay, so would you like a smoking or non(non-smoking room)?"
"Yes please."

And completely unrelated.. the parking lot attendant lady commented on my winter hat saying, "Boy, you look like a terrorist!" It's just.. a normal beanine or whatever the fuck you'd call it.

What a day.

Run piggy run!

This happened a few years ago in grade 11, as I was taking the school bus home from school one day. I was playing Sonic Advance 2 on my GBA, and the girl in the seat behind me tapped on my shoulder to ask me a question:

girl: What are you playing?
me: Sonic Advance 2
girl: *points at screen* But that's not Sonic
me: Oh, I'm playing as Amy right now
girl: What kind of animal is she? A pig?
me: Oh no, she's just a pink hedgehog, just like Sonic is a blue hedgehog. A lot of the characters are weird colours.
girl: Wait... so Sonic's a pig?
me: What?
girl: Hedgehogs are pigs, aren't they?
me: ...

I should note that the girl was at least a year older than me, and yet I had to spend a good portion of the ride home explaining how having "hog" in a word didn't necessarily make it a pig related. You should know that by grade 12!