September 29th, 2006

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Last night I laughed so hard tears were streaming down my face. In hindsight it's probably not as funny as it was then and there, but nevertheless.

Me, mum, and mum's boyfriend (Jørn), were all watching TV.
It started with this guy on TV saying, about his long hair, that "the strength is in the hair". I mentioned that a guy in my class said the same thing the other day, when a girl bothered him about cutting his hair, and that lead to mum trying to get me to say what myth that refers to. I must admit I had nooo idea - my biblical knowledge is more or less nonexistant. Mum says he's a Biblical figure, which is obviously right, Jørn says he's a Greek God.

And so, the stupid has started.

We then proceed to talk about Greek Gods, and mum wants Jørn to say what Aphrodite was the godess of. He has no idea. She hints, and goes "think about 'aphrodisiac'. You know what that is, right?" and... He says "a hairstyle?"
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Ferret from Liz

One is a genius, the other, well...

This is a conversation that happened between two of my friends, who for our purposes shall be called Pinky and The Brain.

Pinky: Do you like tuna?
Brain: I'm vegetarian.
Pinky: But it's fish.
Brain: Oh, where do tuna bushes grow? Or are they root vegtables?
Pinky: What about chicken?
Brain: Now I realise chickens are stupid, but they're not vegetative.
Pinky: uhh....deer!
Brain: I'm fairly sure deer are animals too.
Pinky: no there's deer in the other yard, but they're yummy too.
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