September 25th, 2006

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At least they didn't miss the ark...

My former employer, an otherwise intelligent woman, does not believe in dinosaurs. This is not because of any Fundamentalist beliefs that God created fossils to test our faith in the literal interpretation of Genesis. Oh, no. She believes that it is a conspiracy of palentologists who manufacture fossils so that "people will have something to talk about."
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My dad took this picture on the way home from work.

ETA: Sorry about the ginormous photo! It was resized on my screen when my dad sent it to me, so I didn't realise it was quite that huge. I've made it a tad smaller now XP

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Some friends and I were talking about men and women. I was fifteen at the time. The two guys were 21 and 25, and rumored to be the major pimps in town.

(The dialogue has been shortened and simplified. I shall refrain from mentioning whether they are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, or whatnot.)


Guy 1: Women can’t be trusted!

Guy 2: Yeah. How can you trust someone who bleeds once a month without dying?

Guy 1: True. Women are filthy!

Me:    o_O Right. And that’s why you f*** your girlfriend every night.

Guy 2: *shrugs* That’s what they were made for after all.

Me:    *groan*

Guy 1: You’re getting me wrong here. Their _blood_ is filthy. Women are like horses. They don’t have kidneys.

Guy 2: *fluffs himself up, trying to look important. Turns to look at me.* Yeah. My father told me that when I was a kid like you. They have to clean their blood and that’s why they bleed.

Me:    o.O


Those guys were actually serious about this. A heated debate started then, and Guy 1 and Guy 2 started a fistfight with others who were of a different opinion.

We were high on p#t then, but no amount of dope can account for this!

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The other day I was watching TV with my mother, and one of those "survival of the fittest" milk commercials came on. It showed a caveman picking up a can of pop, trying to figure out how to open it. Then the glint from the sun off the top of the can attracts a pterodactyl, which swoops down and picks him up, then flies off with him in its claws.
My mother asked me what that bird was called, and I said "it's a pterodactyl"
Mom: "Can they really pick up a person like that?"
Me: .... (wondering if she's suggesting what I think she's suggesting)
mom: "I think they might be able to pick up a baby or something, but can they pick up an adult?"
me: "mom, pterodactyls are dinosaurs. They don't exist anymore."
mom: "oh"

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When I was working at JCPenney (about three or so years ago), I became friends with the security people (loss provention people) who told me the following story.
A girl sold a woman a gift card, but instead of giving her the card which was activated (ie had money on it), she gave her unactivated one. The woman then sent it to her daughter in another state, who tried to use it, but couldn't. The women came back to Pennys to complain. The manager tracked the card, by the numbers on the reciept, and found that the employee had used it to buy clothes and had used her associate number in order to get a discount. Needless to say, she was soon no longer working there.
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I'm not sure if this will go through, since it's not necessarily an internationally known piece of information, but I'll try anyway! Today, my professor told us how he once asked a class (keep in mind, this is an American college class) when the US Civil War started, and the closest any of the students got was 1930. Oi vey.
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So I went to the Houston Museum of Natural Science on Saturday, and was wandering through the Aztec exhibit, and I a 20-something year old guy ask his girlfriend, "Where's Pocahontas"?