September 10th, 2006


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When I was a freshman in highschool I ended up with a large ovarian -- remember this word -- tumor. After I had my surgery and was all healed up I was on my way back to school, when one of the girls in the carpool asked me about it. Our conversation ended up being:

Her: "So how big was it?"
Me: "About the size of a football. It's a good thing we caught it when we did, otherwise it would have cut off my kidneys and I could have had kidney failure."
Her: "Scary. What caused it?"
Me: "I don't know. I think it might be hereditary though, I know my mom had one and my older sister had one."
Her: "Oh. Did your dad have one too?"
Me: O_o
Her: "What? Did he?"
Me: "Um, no hun, he doesn't have ovaries."
Her: "... Oh!"

Self mock

Last night, my sister was at our house, and she was telling my brother about how a DVD that he burned for her didn't work. She said that when she tried to play it, all she could see was static. I said "maybe it was still at the end."
Right after I said it, I realized what I just said, and mentally facepalmed.

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Last night at work I had a woman come through my line with a cake she had ordered from our bakery. She told me that she had bought it for a friend who was leaving for Italy and that she had requested that the bakery draw the leaning tower of Pisa on the cake. So, what did the bakery employees actually draw? The Eiffel Tower.
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the further adventures of ACL

When I got to work Wednesday (I work evenings), Annoying Crazy Lady (who works days) was complaining about how sick she was. Apparently, someone had brought in some tamales, and she ate one and it was too spicy for her.

Me: Tamales are supposed to be spicy.
ACL: Yeah, I know, but I like to make tamales mild, so I thought it would be mild.

Even though the person who brought them is actually from Mexico and stuff. Anyway, after her fourth or fifth trip to the bathroom (woman does not know the meaning of TMI), she announced that she was finally feeling better. A few minutes later, I noticed her eating something, which I thought was odd for someone who had just been horribly ill.

Me: What are you eating?
ACL: The tamale.
ACL: I didn't want to throw it away!

At that point, I gave up, because I couldn't think of any comment that would be appropriate for the situation other than, "What the FUCK are you thinking?!"

Sure enough, when I got to work on Thursday, she told me all about how she got soooo sick on her way home and almost made her son (who does not have a driver's license, btw) take her to the doctor.
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