August 7th, 2006

celtic pentagram

Ok, I have one for you to enjoy.

The post someone made about the time they travelled to Ireland made me remember this one.

My husband and I were in a sports bar with some friends. I try to order a Sam Adams as they had draft. (yum) The bartender sell me a pitcher for us at a rather expensive price. When I ask I am told Sam Adams is imported beer. Really?? In front of him, I look at my husband (who is from South Boston) and asked him, "Did you know Massachusettes ceceeded from the US?? I missed the new report on that one, honey." He grins and says, "I'll have to tell mom that she better limit calls to Nana and Rachel (his sister). They're international calls apparently." The bartender walked away clueless. Incidently, we have not been back.
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Too funny not to share.

This is being posted to customers_suck, mock_the_stupid (assuming it's selected to be posted there), and my own personal journal. Trust far as the forums go, it belongs in both. You'll see why.

Recap: I work at a newspaper. This doesn't involve me, but I was present when it happened.

Every day/week/whatever, one of the sections of our paper runs a list of the area's top 10 wanted criminals. Their pictures are printed, along with name/alias(es) if any and crime(s). There's also a blurb in there somewhere about calling Crime Stoppers to report the person/people and collect a nice reward ($1,000, I think).

One morning, bright and early, a coworker gets a call from a rather irate customer (Woot! customer_suck tie-in!). He starts yelling at her about his picture being in the paper. He didn't give permission for us (the paper) to run his picture, and he wants to know who did.

She begins by asking the first standard question. Namely, asking where the picture is so she can look at it in the paper herself (standard practice - they want us to be able to see what the customer is bitching about). He tells her.

Yep. It's in the Top 10 list in all its black and white glory.

What happened next surprised me, because this particular coworker is not usually known for her quick thinking. She says that she can't tell him who authorized his picture to run, but she'd talk to [department in charge of that stuff] and find out. He gets her direct number, says he'll call back and hangs up.

It's important to note, here, that he's not saying it's not his picture. He's not saying the printed information is incorrect. He's just saying that he didn't want it to run.

He calls back about 10 minutes later. She tells him that she hasn't gotten ahold of anyone from [department in charge of that stuff] yet. He's getting impatient. She suggests that he leave his number with her so, instead of him having to get in touch with them, they can call him back (and thus save him the hassle of trying over and over). (The managers, I found out later, were amazed this worked. Frankly, so was I).

The guy thinks this is a great idea. He gives her his number. She tells him to be sure to wait by the phone, because they could call him back at any time. He tells her he's not going anywhere.

He hangs up, satisfied that justice will be done. And boy, is it. Another coworker looks the number up on the internet, finds the relative address, and calls Crime Stoppers.

We never got to hear more about the reward (I'm guessing the company just kept it - bastards), but the coworker got thanked profusely by Crime Stoppers as the cops were being dispatched to retrieve the guy.

For some odd reason, our paper never ran an article about this.
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