August 6th, 2006

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I work in a medical facility, so I get a lot of stupid questions, but this one took the cake:

patient: My doctor told me I can't have anything to eat or drink except water to get some lab tests done. How do I do that?

me: You don't eat anything. Or drink anything. Unless it is water.

patient: How do I drink water?

me: *faceslap*
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I had to weigh my cat and did it the easy way: weigh myself holding him, then without, and subtract. With my dad and stepmother in audience, I grabbed Clark (icon) and stood on the scale. After checking the weight, I announced "Wow, I've gained a lot of weight in the last two months!" at which point my stepmother rolled her eyes and my father burst into mocking laughter. Yep, I totally forgot I had a 15 pound cat in my arms.
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another stupid hospital

ladytetsu's post about her local hospital's stupid medical mistake reminded me of a horrible medical mistake my old supervisor's father fell victim to.

My supervisor's father was in his seventies and had a diseased lung. He was very weak, and would continue to get worse unless the bad lung was removed. So can you guess what happened? Yeah, he ended up with one lung alright...THE DISEASED ONE.

As you can imagine the guy and the family were royally pissed off at the hospital and there were lawsuit proceedings in the works. Unfortunately I stopped working there before I found out what happened, but in any case I'm sure the guy didn't live very much longer after that.

I've heard of people having the wrong leg amputated and things like that, but you'd think that with something like a LUNG, which you need to LIVE, they'd be extra extra super careful to remove the correct one. Apparently not so.
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Expired Stamps?!?

Let me set the scene for ya, I'm waiting to go in for a job interview. There's another candidate, a roughly college-age girl, sitting across from me in the lobby. I see that the outside of her date book is covered with those LOVE postage stamps. I think that they must be decorative. After all, what moron would use 30 some odd cent postage stamps to decorate something?

So I say, Those look just like those postage stamps. are they from the post office?

And she says Yeah, they're regular stamps, but they expired.

And I'm thinking ???

And she says I thought they were pretty and I didn't know what else to do with them.

It seemed a bit rude to suggest putting them on envelopes for the purpose of mailing letters. After further conversation, I realized that she honestly thought the stamps were "expired" because the price of stamps had gone up.

As you might imagine, I'll be very sad if she gets the job.
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