August 5th, 2006


Another Geography Stupid

I was in my maths class the other day and for some reason, some of the boys in the class decided eating jalapeno chilis would be fun.

After one of them had vomitted for 10 minutes straight, attention turns to a small group of girls sitting up the back of the room (I was part of this group).
The previously mentioned Vomitting Moron turns to my friend.

Vomitting Moron: You should try it!
Friend: No.
VM: But you're from Greece! You're used to eating weird food!
Friend: ...I'm not Greek. My mum's from New Zealand.
VM: Oh! So you're Italian!
Me: *headdesk*
Class: *Shocked silence*
VM: What?!

No excuse, really. We live in Australia. He's 16.
I lose faith, I really do.
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