July 12th, 2006


Two mocks

A store near where I live recently closed and moved out, and now there's a big sign on the front that says this:

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Number two:
I work in a biology lab, and we have a shelf full of chemicals and reagents, as do most such labs. I was looking for some chemicals to make some media, and I noticed that we have sucrose. Naturally, I read the label to see what ridiculous warnings they could put on a bottle of sugar. Besides the usual (May be irritating to eyes [flush with water] or if inhaled) and the less usual (Dust could explode, keep away from ignition sources; the lab tech commented, "Yeah, a bowl of sugar next to a candle could really ruin a romantic evening if it exploded"), I see this:

"Keep out of reach of children."

It says that on the bottle of sodium chloride too :)

Edit: Okay, the picture should show up now. If not, see dennisthetiger's comment.
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I'm American, but this story was recounted to me by a British friend who then gave me permission to post it here.

This friend of mine lives in London. She told me:

I was in a bookshop today and so was an American family (tourists, I think), and the Dad goes to the Mum 'Awww, honey, we shoulda come earlier, we missed the British 4th of July celebrations!'


The whole shop sort of trembled with people trying to hold in their giggles.

Promptly upon hearing this, I apologised on behalf of intelligent Americans everywhere. =P
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Just a small one.

I do love my mother, but she's sooooo technically-challenged.

Has anyone else seen that new Meow-Mix commercial, where the guy is playing a cook in one of those cooking shows and his entire audience is cats? There has to be like, 100 cats in the audience and they all start singing the Meow-Mix song.

My mom: *laughs* I wonder how they get all of those cats to sit there like that!!!

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Okay, so I was reading MTS and I came across this post where someone said they had overheard the question, "Would't it be cool if monkeys were real?" in a science class. So, I went and had the following conversation with my brother and father:

Me: *walks in.* Wouldn't it be cool if monkeys were real?

Dad: >< Yeah. Absolutely.

Me: That was overheard in a SCIENCE class. *I start to walk into the kitchen.*

Brother: Which one?

Me: ...What?

Brother: Which one?

Me: ...What are you talking about?

Dad: He means which science class. *to Brother:* It's just something she read on the internet.

Me: Someone heard someone else say, "Wouldn't it be cool if monkeys were real?"

Brother: What...Wait...Are they?

And he's ELEVEN. He also once asked if the Pope was Jewish. I can only hope it's not genetic...