July 11th, 2006

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I'd like to start out by saying that the story I'm linking to is about abortion. However, the mock here has nothing to do with abortion, so please no abortion debates in the comments. That being said, on to the mock.

In a scathing article on a personal, pro-life blog elsewhere, the blogger Pete writes about a pro-abortion opinion piece on a different online magazine, entitled "I'm Totally Psyched About This Abortion" written by Caroline Weber. Obviously, he takes a very negative view on the original article.

Some of you may have seen this piece, as it was originally published April 28, 1999. In The Onion. Yes, The Onion. Pete even acknowledges it as being in The Onion several times.

Okay, that's probably not mockworthy. Even a national Chinese newspaper was once fooled into thinking that The Onion was a legitimate news source. However, once you cite The Onion as actual news, you're bound to get a flood of emails and comments that point out your error. The Chinese newspaper figured out their error quickly. Pete did not.

That's right, Pete wrote a second entry about the issue, trying to turn the mock on his "readers" by trying to denounce that anything pro-abortion could be, in fact, a joke and not meant to be taken seriously. Clearly this piece of satire in The Onion must really be pro-abortion propaganda, and not just entertaining fiction.

While I personally am hoping that Pete is as much a farce as The Onion, I'm too much of a cynic after reading this community. At least Pete has vowed to "pray for [Miss Weber's] forgiveness", despite the fact that Miss Weber is a fictional character.

Mouth Rinse

I had a few people staying with me recently, and one of them isn't the smartest person in the world. Now we love him dearly, he just isn't that bright. Here's this little gem:

I'm walking by the bathroom, and I hear some coughing come out of the bathroom and gagging. So, I stick my head in the door and I see this guy leaning over the sink getting ready to puke. So I ask him if he is okay. After he stops gagging, he looks at me and goes "You guys need to get some better tasting mouth wash." I say, I do apologize, but I thought the citrus was okay, better then the mint.

He says it tastes like soap. And I say really? So I walk in, pick up the bottle of store brand Listerine sitting there and get ready to use it, and he stops me.

"That's the mouth rinse." So I say "Yes it is, the one that you said tastes like soap"

He PICKS UP THE ANTIBACTERIAL SOAP and goes "this is what I was talking about."

My response, "Of course that tastes like soap, that IS SOAP."

Then I had to tell him that the mouth rinse, was the mouthwash.

We Love him. Really we do.
¤Who¤ Hop!

Yes, there's a race of pink haired people out there.

So, a while ago, I dyed my hair. Fuschia. Like, Manic Panic Fuschia Shock, which is freakishly bright and pinky-purple. It's been a few weeks, and my roots are coming up, which I thought made it clear that it's hair dye. As if the color itself didn't.

But no.

I went out today, and while waiting to talk to someone, some guy, had to be at least 14 or 15, comes up to me, and asks me if my hair is naturally this color.

Yes, because there's an undiscovered race out there with bright fuschia hair?

I replied in the negative, and then hurried away as fast as I could.