June 7th, 2006


Breathe in, breathe out...

So now that it's summer time and swimming pool season, here's the brilliance that is camp kids at the swimming pool.

Before you can go off of the diving boards, you have to take a swim test. Said test is to swim 25yds across the pool in water that is generally about 5' deep because camp kids usually aren't that tall.
Normal Camper hops in and makes it across. Grumpy Girl gets almost all the way to me (the lifeguard) and then starts having trouble and waving her arms around and not moving, so I jump in and swim over to her. Only to have her glare at me, push me away, and tell me she didn't need help...All as she stood up on the pool bottom. *sigh*

"Smart" Boy, roughly 13/14 years old, passes the test and then proceeds off the 1m diving board. Whereupon we quickly had to go fish him out of the deep end because, well, he forgot he had to breathe.

Yes, honest to goodness he forgot he had to breathe. >.<
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Ellone, please take us into the past...

When we moved from California to Washington (The state. I'm not President yet!) we had to move our internet server as well. When we first contacted the phone company to install the line, prior to moving in, they claimed the number they had listed was the one for the Black Angus in the area. This is not stupid, merely a minor mistake, can happen to anyone.

We helped said phone company find the house, showed them we're clearly not a restaurant that serves nicely cooked meals for exhorbitant prices, and got the original installation in shortly after we arrived and all was well.

Or so we thought. Here comes the stupidity.

Ellone, bring us back to the present...

( Everyone, please remember the phone company by this time had been physically present at the house we are living in.)

Today the same phone company, which our ISP contacted to put in a second line for us, because we have been have been having signal problems, was supposed to come over and simply add a new hard line to our phone. From 8 to 12, the window mentioned, I waited. They never showed. Never called. Not a peep. Finally our ISP (one of the finest in the biz) called at around 4:30 or thereabouts to tell us the reason the phone company hadn't shown was that the address they had on file for the phone number we're at was the one for the Black Angus!

Squall... Sic 'em!
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Stolen Sidekick...

Some thieves just aren't teh smrt. Here is the story of a Sidekick phone that got left in a taxi. Rather than returning it (the owner even sent messages to the Sidekick offering a reward) like a non-scummy person would, the people who found it kept it. Hey, neat camera phone PDA kinda thing, internet access, all that... free tech, right? Thing is, apparently Sidekicks upload their info to a server that can be accessed by the phone's owner without using the phone. The thieves accessed their AOL account from the Sidekick, so the phone owner now had their AOL username and password info. Then the best part. The thief took pictures of herself. Yes, they uploaded, too. So the phone owner (well, her friend) made a web page to document the event and post the photos and all that. It kinda reminds me of the guy who put up the website about the ebay seller who sold him a broken laptop.

mmm, chocolate chickens.

I was walking down the streets of Vancouver a few years ago with an acquaintance who was also my guide (it was my first time there). We remarked that there seemed to be a lot of places that sell chocolate.

As we passed by a shop named Chocolate Kitchenware, I said this out loud:

"And see? Chocolate Chickenware!"

took me a while to figure out why my acquaintance was laughing.

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About two years ago, I got an IM from some girl wanting to know who I was, because my screen name 'randomly appeared' on her buddylist. We did the a/s/l exchange, my location being The Bahamas. She later asked for my picture and after inspecting it said, "Are you African-American?".
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And we're supposed to learn from this?

As an average Dutch high school student, I have seen my share of stupidity in English class. This, however, was astonishing in stupidity.

We're in class, translating English sentences to Dutch like good little drones, when this boy raised his hand. This is where it starts hurting.

Teacher: "Yes?"
Boy: "What does 'a pair of scissors' mean?"
Teacher: "Well, that's... wait, I know this... just wait a minute, I know this."
Boy: *waits*
Teacher: *looks around for help*
Class: *waits*
Teacher: "I'll just take a quick peek in the dictionary."