May 10th, 2006


Jaywalking (aka idiots embarass themselves on national TV)

I'm watching a rerun of Jay Leno, and they're doing "Battle of the Jaywalk All-stars" (basically, a quiz show with the three dumbest people they can round up).

The contestants:
Nicole - journalism student
Rhett - contracter
Patty - education student

Jay Leno: Nicole, who's this guy? [picture of Dick Cheney]

Nicole [the journalism student]: Doesn't he do something with computers?

Jay: [laughs] No.

Nicole: I dunno. I don't think I've ever seen him before.

Jay Leno: Who wrote "Romeo and Juliet" and "Hamlet"?

Patty [studying to be a teacher]: William.... ummm........ Shake-something. Shakesbean!

Jay Leno: What was Sputnik?

Nicole: I know! A potato!

Jay Leno: What's this picture of? [shows a copy of "Washington Crossing the Delaware" - this picture]

Rhett: Uhhhhh.... I dunno, the Titanic?

Nicole: The Jews leaving Egypt!
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Magical Trevor

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I'm a freshman in high school, so stupidity lurks around every corner... however, I've always wondered how half of my Global Studies class managed to pass out of the third grade. Especially Eileen.

Eileen: Is Florida part of the United States?
Class: o_O
Eileen: You know, it's just there! How're we supposed to know if it really is part or not?

Eileen: Aren't Jamaican people white, but really, really, really, really tan?

Eileen: What's the Great Depressent?
Teacher: ..Great Depression?
Eileen: Yeah, what's that?
Teacher: It occured around the 1930's.
Eileen: Wait, so everyone was really sad then?
She didn't believe us when we told her that it was when the economy fell... she thinks we're lying to her and the Great Depression was when everyone in America was sad.