April 17th, 2006

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The Ren Faire post reminded me of one of my favorite Ren Faire Stories.

There is this soap company who makes scented soap from natural ingredients, things like Almond-Vanilla. They take the shavings out into the street in front of the store, for free samples.

90% of people who pass by and stop, take a piece and pop it in their mouths, assuming its candy. One guy even asked the person holding the tray what it was, tray guy answered with "Soap" and stupid still ate a piece of it.

Oh, finally, there is a sign on the tray that says "Free Soap, take one". Which also means that there is a nice group of stupid who look at the sign, look at the tray, and still eat a slice because in their minds it can't be soap. It has to be candy.