April 7th, 2006

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African Canadians

A friend of mine posted this comment in my LJ today. Posted here with permission.

There was a girl on the bus today from [local university] that said to her friend:
"Did you know that today I found out that Africa isn't a part of Canada! I
mean, I always hear the saying 'African Canadian' so I just assumed it
was part of Canada."

I... don't know what to say. I've heard of people thinking that Africa was a country, but PART OF CANADA?!
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Tamagotchis are fun, too

I was just watching 'Talk Talk Talk' with Sonja Krauss, a German show that's sort of a best-of of German, Turkish, and American talk shows (they have a special segment just for Jerry Springer).

A man was on the show because of his regular habit of going to the brothel. His mom was on, too, and explained that his siblings did the same, and she doesn't care as long as she gets grandkids.

The host asked how much money he spends and he explained that different sorts of pleasure cost different amounts.

Man: That Tamagotchi stuff starts at 70 or 90 Marks.
Host: Tamagotchi?
Man: Yeah, there's this book with....
Host: Kama Sutra?
Man: Yeah.

Somewhere, an English teacher is rolling over in her grave

One of my boss' clients recently sent us a cover sheet for a fax item. There were a lot of typos; this girl isn't the sharpest tool in the shed.

The last line read: "What kin we do about this?"

The funny part about it was, the "i" had been written in over an "e".

So she corrected the vowel, but the fact that she got two letters wrong in a three-letter word twice just baffles me.
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A couple from my wonderful, if sometimes brain-dead, fiance.

About a week or so ago, we were watching one of those old reruns of Jeopardy! on the Game Show Network. Hey, what else is on at 11:30 in the morning? Anyways, one of the clues was something relating to the "current Minnesota governor", complete with picture.

My fiance pipes up with, "Who is Ace Ventura!!"

Another time, we were in the car talking about random things, like we do. Now, we have the tendecy to throw 'net lingo into our everyday conversations, because we're just that geeky. (We can't be the only ones...right? RIGHT??) I was relating something irritating that had happened to me and he responded by simply saying, "Handpalm!!"

I love him, but sometimes he worries me....
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Yesterday at my local Subway, I walked in the door and recognized the fellow behind the counter. This gentleman has apparently parlayed a long and storied career as That Creepy Guy Who You Always See at Subway into a new stint as That Creepy Guy Who Works at Subway. I'd barely walked through the door when, by way of greeting, Creepy Sandwich Artist catches me off guard:

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There is a girl in my high school painting class who is not exactly the brightest of the bunch.  The first incident which proved this happened a few weeks ago when a guy in the same painting class was talking about his sweatshirt. It has a symbol on it that looks like
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, and is the symbol for a band called HIM. The guy made some remark about how he didn't like what the symbol stood for and only wore the sweatshirt because it was his only zip hoodie. The girls stared at him for a few seconds and then said, "Ohmigod...you hate Jewish people?" When everyone stared at her blankly she said, "Isn't that the Jewish symbol?". We had to explain to her that, no, the Star of David and the heartagram are two very different things.

This same girl was absolutely convinced that being Muslim meant you had a black parent and a white parent. She also had to ask what colors made orange.
In a high school painting class. It blows my mind.