March 31st, 2006

Springfield Wednes
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Not sure how they serve ice cream in your town...

I was out with some friends at one of those family dining places with burgers and drinks and desserts and stuff.

There were these idiot teenagers behind us, you know...being loud, talking on cell phones, throwing things, etc.

They said they wanted dessert, and ordered sundaes.
This particular place had "regular" sundaes (ice cream and topping) and "everything" sundaes which is the same sundae with whipped cream, nuts, and a cherry on top. Fairly straightforward, no?

So the third girl orders a hot fudge sundae while talking on the phone.

Waitress says "Everything?"

The girl looks up from her phone and says "What? onions."

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I'm in a class at school called production. It's basically the school play. There's a girl in there who's not-so-bright. One of our directors is a college student. She gives him hell.
There's a game we play. I can't remember what it's called. But there
are lumberjacks and a couple of bears. The bear will give an instruction (bear
or scare) and if it's "bear" the lumberjacks have to lay down and play dead. If
it's "scare" they have to freeze where they are. The bear has to try and make
the lumberjacks move. He can do anything, basically. If you move, you're out.
For some reason the teacher decided to let Stupid be the bear. Co-Director was playing. When he
froze she attempted to make him move. She basically undressed him.
The one quote that sticks in my mind from that day is from the teacher:
"Stupid, darling, arms don't bend that way!"
"Oh." replied Stupid.
Teacher then had to run across the room to rescue Co-Director.