March 21st, 2006

Silverblue, furry

A Very Nasty Letter(tm) received at work.

I originally posted this in my primary journal, then crossposted to customers_suck , and it has found its way into metaquotes .  It has been suggested that I share with the class here as well.  If this does not pass muster for stupidity and should indeed be moved to a "grammar" community, let me know, and I shall remove/shift it about as necessary.

Shortly before noon, on Monday, March 20th, 2006, a man walked into my store to return a $1,000 purchase consisting of a Compaq Athlon 64 3400 computer system, a Brother All-In-One machine, and a copy of Norton Systemworks, all of which he had purchased four days earlier.  He also had something for our store manager.

He brought with him a floppy diskette containing a letter he had written for our manager, to be passed on to the manufacturers of the products he had purchased, which he wanted our printing department to print out for him.

Our corporate provided install of MS Word detected a multitude of spelling errors in this document, underlining them all in red.  He complained about the red, wanted to make sure it didn't print, because his version didn't show any red.  See, apparently his version of Word was missing a lot of important English words in its dictionary, so he added them.  Yes, he added all his typos.

I present to you the letter in its entirety, spelling, capitalization, spacing, and other grammar atrocities intact, though with his name removed.
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stupid people love movies

So my boyfriend works at a video store and I just sit up there all the time and bother him... the other day I overheard this:

So this woman walks in and asks "Do you have Agrapbotilphobia?"
Startled, my boy spits out "Uhhh??? What?"
"Gallaphontanaramaphobia? Do you have it?"
Again, he looks confusedly at her. "Well... I really have no idea what you are talking about."
She sighs and puts a hand on her hip "It's a MOVIE!" *in that voice like she just announced some long sought after fact*
So my boy, growing more and more impatient asks her what the movie is about, to which she responds (in the same voice as before): "Spiders. Duh."
At this point, I've had to run back to the pr0n section to keep from laughing in this woman's face. Unfortunately, my boy has to choke back his giggles and ask "Did you mean Arachnaphobia?"
"Uhm, yeah! That's what I've been saying!"