March 18th, 2006

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Tech Support Woes

I work Tech Support for a US Cable Internet Company. I'm also a specialist Tech Support agent, so can't figure out how this call even got to me in the first place...

Issue was the computer loaded the wallpaper of WindowsXP, but not the Desktop.

Me: "OK, this is a problem with your computer, not the Internet Service. Your other computers are working fine and getting webpages, so we know that the service we're providing..."

Angry Woman: "Y'all ain't helpin' me 'cause I'm *BLACK*!"

Me: "Excuse me???"

Angry Woman: "Darn right! Y'all a buncha racists!"

Me: "Ummmm, OK. It's because your computer isn't working that I'm not helping you..."

Angry Woman: "RACIST BASTARD!"

Me: "How do you know what race I am? I'm merely a voice on the phone."

Angry Woman: "'Cause y'all sound too ed-yew-cated to be Black."

Me: *Speechless*
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So in my American Studies class we had to do these mini presentations on American inventors of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. One girl did Benjamin Franklin and bifocals. She mentioned that he was a member of the Leather Apron Club, which was, as she put it, a group of young men who got together to discuss politics and philosophy.

At which point the boy sitting in front of me exclaimed, loudly, for the whole class to hear: "What? Benjamin Franklin wasn't young!"

Er, right. Because ol' Uncle Ben sprang from the womb fully grown, spouting aphorisms and brandishing his kite. Yes. Of course.
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