February 26th, 2006


More Tales from the Kitchen

Some of you may remember a post I made earlier about my friend the Dishwasher. Really a sweet girl, but she has to work on thinking before she speaks. She's trying now, which has cut down on a lot of the... sexual discussion at work. However, there are plenty of other things which she still prattles on about.

To get a good mental image for the next story, I need to explain my Friday nights. It's a small kitchen, but there's usually a dishwasher and three cooks on during the night. That means me, my fellow cooks (which shall be dubbed Co-worker A and Co-worker B), and the infamous Dishwasher. The follow story starts between me and Co-worker A when we were discussing terrorists; Osama in particular.

Co-worker A: *mentions how Osama hasn't been caught yet*
Dishwasher: Oh! You mean that black guy, rigth?
*both of us nearly faceplant on the ground.*
Co-worker A: No, not 'that black guy'. Osama BinLaden is from Afganistan.
Dishwasher: So he's Pakistani?
Me: ... No. Afganistan.
*Dishwasher looks confused.*
Me: Afganistan and Pakistan are two different countries.
Dishwasher: Oh... *She goes back to washing dishes and me and Co-worker A return to the discussion at hand*
Co-worker A: Yeah, he sent anoter video tape.
Dishwasher: He can't do that!
Me: ... Why?
Dishwasher: Cause he doesn't know how to work that stuff. They don't have camcorders over there.
Me: *joking* Right. All they have are sticks and stones!
Dishwasher: Exactly!
Co-worker A: ... You know they do have technology over there.
Dishwasher: They do? I thought only we did!

At this point the discussion moved on to Third World countries, mainly focusing on Africa. Co-worker A brought up the fact that racism used to be so bad over there that people of differing racial background could not live in the same city. I was having a hard time recalling what the term for the divide between 'black' and 'white' cities were called (which I still can't recall) and Dishwasher comes up with this gem.

Dishwasher: But it's still like that!
Me: ... Where exactly?
Dishwasher: Right here!
Co-worker A: you live here, right?
Me: *turns to Co-worker B, who is Jamaican* Yeah, get the heck out of our city!

All of us are nearly killing ourselves laughing at this point and Dishwasher still looks confused. It took a few minutes to convince her that there is no more division based on skin colour, especially in Canada. She's got some interesting concepts about the way the world works. I pray she nevers goes travelling.
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Stupid is asking your Biology teacher if it's true that looking into a Gorilla's eyes will bring you bad luck.
..And then how long does it take for the bad luck to run out.

(Stupid = one of my classmates)