February 23rd, 2006


Ringing in my ears...

I currently work as a lowly file clerk/supply wench for a moderately large, rather successful law firm.

Yesterday, Mr. Founding Senior Partner (the first name in the name of our firm, a respected lawyer in his 60s), sent an email to everyone in the building that he had found a lost cellphone in one of the conference rooms and accidentally taken it home. He mentioned that he'd bring it back today and keep it at his desk, and if anyone could claim or identify it, to speak to him.

Today, nobody thought too much of the cellphone, but around noon several suggestions as to finding the owner of the cellphone started to filter in, things such as locating the recent calls lists or contacts and looking for familiar names or numbers.

It was then discovered that Mr. Founding Senior Partner had not taken home somebody's cellphone.

He had taken home the remote control for the conference room projector.
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Grammar love!

Ah, biology class.

Today in biology class, the teacher was talking about taxonomy and the subjects of bugs came up.

Teacher: blahblah *something about the kingdom Animalia*
Guy: Teacher, do bugs have tissues?
Teacher: Well, yes, probably not like humans but rather something much simpler...but yes, bugs have tissues.
Guy: Oh. Okay. Do they have hearts? Cause I squished one and all this gooey stuff came out.
Teacher: Not hearts, but they have a pumping organ that's like the heart...*briefly explains*
Stupid guy: Well duh, ants are mammals, of course they have hearts.
Class: *mental headdesk*

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(no subject)

I had a teacher in middle school who once when talking about the US (the country where we live!) said "...all fifty-two states." So I spoke up, along with a few other students, to say "Excuse us, Ms. P, there are only fifty states." Whereupon she said "No, you're forgetting Alaska and Hawaii!"

This woman graduated from college and was given a teaching license, people. The mind, it boggles.