February 6th, 2006

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This was in biology class a few years ago. One boy, Paul, was kind of unintentionally funny; we never made fun of him, but the things he said were always hilarious, and usually not on purpose.

We were talking about hybrids and how a donkey and a horse can produce a mule, but it will be sterile.
Paul: Well...what if you crossed, like, a squirrel with a piece of cheese? What would happen then?
Teacher: Paul, cheese isn't alive.
Paul: ...?
Teacher: It can't reproduce.

Overheard at Work

I heard this from one of my coworkers:

"I wish people would stop watching reality shows. I don't like them but I have to watch them because everyone else does. I have to tape the shows I really want to see and watch that when there are no reality shows on."

Uh....free will, much, lady?

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Sometimes, I don't know what to do with my brother. He's turning 12.

Him: Do fish have brains?
Me: ... yes. Unlike you, apparently.
Him: No, but are they like... people-brains?
Me: :|